Decorated Tagine, 25Cm / 9.75" Diameter

Decorated Tagine, 25Cm / 9.75" Diameter - The Spanish Table

Decorated Tagine, 25Cm / 9.75" Diameter

Tagines, originally from North Africa, are becoming more and more popular across the Mediterranean and beyond. Essentially braising pots, they fit right into Spain's long tradition of cooking in clay. Meat, vegetables, and aromatics are simmered slowly in the tagine, the steam circulating round and round under the cone-shaped lid until everything melts together into a rich stew. The dish (also known as a "tagine") is then served directly from the pot, accompanied by rice, couscous, or flatbread. This lovely example is made in Badajoz, near the Portuguese border. Natural terracotta with delicate cream decoration around the lid. IMPORTED.

Measurements: The base measures 25cm across (approximately 9.75"), and is 2.5" deep. Total height with the lid is about 9". Serves 3-4.
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