Our Mission

Creating moments of delight during shared experiences filled with delicious food and wine.

Our Core Values

We live and participate in the communities we operate in. We serve our customers, employees, and communities.

Quality & Uniqueness

We search the Iberian peninsula for exciting, different, and high quality foods, wines, and cookware to create delight.

Inclusivity & Service

We are here to serve our customers delight. We serve delight to people from all walks of life.

Eco-friendly Sustainability

We strive to reduce our environmental footprint. We give strong preference to suppliers and producers who are good stewarts.

Read our Story

It all began in 1985.



Husband and wife team Steve Winston and Sharon Baden were having dinner with friends who were planning a trip to Spain. On a whim, they decided to join in on the trip. Once in Spain, they fell in love - with the delicious foods, wine and the culture of the country.



Thus began a decade of lengthy exploration through all parts of Spain, Portugal and their islands as well as hosting Spanish exchange students in Seattle for home stays and visiting their families in Spain.



The original Spanish Table store was founded in 1995 when Steve Winston took an early retirement from the U.S. Government to open the imported food, wine and cookware shop in Seattle, focusing on the food items from Spain and Portugal they had fallen in love with in Spain but couldn't find in the US. If you can't buy it, why not import it?


2001 - 2022

Sharon and Steve expanded south into the San Francisco bay area in 2001, opening a large store on San Pablo Avenue in Berkeley. In 2006, the Mill Valley Store followed. In 2016, Steve and Sharon handed the reigns to the Booth family, who opened the San Francisco store in the Inner Richmond, adding Spanish bocadillos and coffee service to the offerings. The Spanish Table Seattle closes, becoming Paris Madrid Grocery.



After acquiring all 3 stores from the Booth family, Bastian Schoell is driving expansion into online sales, classes, and expansion of the Spanish Table Wine Club forward. While Steve and Sharon's original problem of "not finding rice for paella" is now solved by many merchants, the Spanish Table moves foodie delight into the 21st century.