Potato Perfection - The Classic Tortilla Española

When most Americans think of a "tortilla", images of tacos and burritos dance in their heads. Those are Mexican tortillas. In Spain (and across much of South America) a tortilla is a different beast, more akin to an Italian frittata - essentially a round, chubby omelette. But unlike its Italian cousin, a tortilla española isn't baked. (Never!) Everything is cooked on the stovetop, the tortilla gently browned on both sides with an impressive flip in the middle of the process.

There are many versions, but the most basic - made with potato and onion - is the best. Yes the best. A good tortilla de patatas is magical. It has only 5 ingredients, yet it's perfect: rich and satisfying, somehow managing to be both elegant and homey. It can be breakfast, a snack, lunch, dinner, or after-the-bars-close food. It may take some practice to dial in your technique, but once you have it down you'll have it for life. 


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