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Terms and Conditions (as of June 13th, 2024)

Spanish Table Wine Club
These Terms & Conditions set forth the terms and conditions for membership in the Spanish Table (“we”, “us”, “our”) Wine Club (the "Program").  We may change the Program or these Terms & Conditions from time to time. We will post such changes online at www.spanishtable.com/wine-club-terms. Any changed Terms & Conditions become effective immediately upon being posted here, and your continued use of membership constitutes your agreement to the changed Terms & Conditions.  If you are not willing to accept the change it terms, you may cancel Program membership (see Cancellation). These terms apply to any Program membership commenced, renewed, or transitioned to from prior Spanish Table Wine Clubs after June 13th, 2024.  In addition to the Wine Club terms and conditions described here, your membership and participation in the Program and your relationship with us is subject to our general Terms of Service.  In the event of a conflict between these Program terms and conditions and our Terms of Service, the Terms of Service provisions shall prevail.

Program membership is open to anyone of legal drinking age (21), living in a state of the United States where The Spanish Table can legally ship wine. Please refer to our Shipping Policy to determine if you or the person you are gifting membership to qualifies.

If a membership is gifted, the person you are gifting it to must qualify for Program membership as per the above rules. 

Membership is acquired by subscribing to and paying for one of our Wine Club subscription products on our website.  The person signing up for, paying for and receiving the wines in the Program is considered the member and agrees to these terms and conditions as well as to our Terms of Service.  If the person signing up and paying for the membership is gifting the membership to a third party, the person receiving the gifted membership is considered a recipient-member.  The paying member is financially liable and subject to all terms and conditions herein. Since a membership constitutes and agreement between only you (the member) and Us, you are responsible for ensuring the recipient-member upholds certain membership obligations (such as timely pickup), and you remain responsible for any and all charges arising from the membership, including shipping upon non-pickup.

Membership Benefits
Membership currently includes the following benefits.  Please note that if a membership is gifted, these benefits apply only to the recipient-member, not the purchaser.
  • Wine Club Wine Discounts
    Members qualify for a 15% discount on single-bottle purchases of any Wine Club wine, regardless of which wine club tier the member is subscribed to.  The wine must be of the same vintage as the wine that was featured in the club and does not apply to older or newer vintages of the same wine.  The member must give the store staff their name and identifying details to qualify for this discount and the member name must be attached to the purchase record.  No further discounts apply for larger quantities of wine.
  • Case Discount Quantity
    Members receive a 10% discount on purchases of 6 or more Spanish Table wines.  You must give the store staff your name and identifying details to qualify for this discount and your name must be attached to the purchase record.  Members also receive a 15% 12+ bottle discount on non-club wines.
  • Tasting Event Fees
    Members qualify for discounts to Spanish Table wine tasting events.  These discounts may range from free to reduced entry fees depending on the type of event.

Changes in Pricing And Terms

We reserve the right to change any term and condition of this policy, including the available membership options, durations, pricing, wine selections, frequency of delivery, or any other term.  Upon a change of terms, we will notify all members of the changes.  If the member is unwilling to accept any such change, they must cancel their membership immediately and we will waive the cancellation fees.

Membership Obligations
Membership currently includes the following obligations:  

  • Providing and Maintaining Accurate Personal Information
    Members agree to provide accurate personal information when signing up, including an email, phone number, and address.  Members further agree to update their information whenever it changes. 
  • Maintaining A Valid Credit Card on File
    Members agree to maintain and update credit card information on our membership portal.  Members must update the information for expiring, cancelled, or replaced credit cards immediately to avoid interruption of Program benefits.  Members may not enjoy any of the Program benefits as long as the credit on file is expired or cancelled.
  • Timely Pickup of Wine
    Members who have chosen to pick up wines agree to retrieve their wine from us within 60 days of being notified of the wine being ready for pickup.  If the wine is not picked up in this timeframe, we will ship the wine to the member or recipient-member address on file at member cost.  If you have gifted a membership, please let the gift recipient know. You will be financially responsible for their shipping and handling charges if they fail to pick up their wine in a timely fashion.  Each shipment of wine shall be charged a $10 handling fee and the applicable shipping charges.  You agree to allow these charges as part of your membership.

Membership Cancellation
You may cancel a membership at any time.  A cancellation fee may be charged if you cancel earlier than the minimum duration for the membership you signed up for according to the following rules:

  • 3-month memberships:  cannot be cancelled.
  • 6-month membership:  if cancelled before 3 membership charges have been successfully charged, you will be charged 2 months membership fees as an early cancellation-penalty.
  • Ongoing membership: if cancelled before 6 membership charges have been successfully charged.  Cancellations after the 6th membership charge are free.   

In the event of a price change during your membership duration, you may cancel your membership free of charge. 

In the event of a change in these terms and conditions you find unacceptable, you may cancel your membership free of charge. 

To cancel a membership, members should visit the membership website portal provided by the Program.  The link to this portal is sent when the member first signs up for the subscription.  If you have questions or need help with a cancellation, please email wineclub@spanishtable.com or call (866) 835-9777.

We reserve the right to terminate a membership or cancel any part of or the entire Program at our sole discretion.  In the event that the part of the Program you are subscribed to or the whole Program is cancelled after you have been charged but before you have received your wine, you will be refunded the portions of your membership that have not been fulfilled.

The Spanish Table respects your privacy. Please read our Privacy Policy

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