The "New" Tortilla Española - Fast & Furious Edition!

Sometimes time is short and we are hungry.

Did you glance at the Classic Tortilla Española recipe, see the 45 minutes of prep time, and decide to have scrambled eggs and microwave popcorn for dinner instead? We get it. The original tortilla de patatas is sublime, but perfection takes time. It may be worth it, but we don't always have it. And unless you're in Spain right now you can't run down to the corner store or the gas station and grab one ready to go.

But. Your corner store does have potato chips and eggs. And baby, that's all you need. The reason a traditional tortilla takes so long is because you have to slowly simmer those potatoes in oil. What are potato chips? Potatoes simmered in oil. 

The following recipe is a bit fancier than that - after all Ferran Adrià, the mad genius of Spanish cuisine, isn't going to JUST use potato chips and eggs, but there's nothing crazy in here. We promise - this beats scrambled eggs with a side of popcorn any day. And I say that as a huge fan of both.


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