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    Alejandro Fernández and Esperanza Rivera are the founders of Familia Fernández Rivera.  With origins at a stone winepress from the 16th century, their estate Tinto Pesquera started to produce its first wines in 1975 in order to showcase the value of the terroir of the Ribera del Duero through pioneering production processes of Tempranillo grapes. Thanks to its tireless work, Tinto Pesquera was one of the wineries behind the rise and renown of Ribera del Duero and one of the driving forces behind its Designation of Origin.  Today, the family of estates includes Condado de Haza and Dehesa La Granja, each producers of top Ribera del Duero wines. 

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    Today, Pesquera leads with top quality grapes crafted with great care in their modern winery into powerful reds worthy of cellars around the world. Pure and true to the terroir of Ribera Duero and it's king of grapes, Tempranillo.


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