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    Madeira, a gem among fortified wines, hails from the volcanic soils of its namesake island, renowned for a unique aging process known as 'estufagem' that imparts exceptional richness and complexity. This process, involving heat and aging, ensures Madeira wines are virtually immortal, retaining their character for centuries. The main types include Sercial, dry and crisp, ideal as an aperitif; Verdelho, slightly sweeter and versatile; Bual, with its rich, medium-sweet profile, perfect for accompanying desserts; and Malvasia (or Malmsey), the sweetest and richest, often savored as a dessert itself. Madeira's extraordinary range, from dry to lusciously sweet, coupled with its storied history, makes it a unique and enduring cornerstone of the wine world.  And, of all in the wine world, we carry regular everyday sippers as well as one of the largest selection of old and rare Madeiras and Rare Wine's Special Historic Series.
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