4 Grams Saffron Chiquilin

4 Grams Saffron Chiquilin - The Spanish Table

4 Grams Saffron Chiquilin

One of the world's most prized spices, real saffron is far, far more than merely a way to make your rice yellow. The warm, complex aromas of saffron add layers of flavor and depth to any dish you use it in.

When making paella, our general rule of thumb is to use about 5-6 threads per portion of rice. A nice, fluffy pinch of the whole threads will do the job for an average family-size paella. We re-stock our saffron often, bringing more in directly from Spain every few months to make sure we have the freshest, most aromatic saffron possible.

100% pure whole-thread saffron from Spain.
(4gr/0.14 oz) IMPORTED.
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