Bardos Saint Cabora Sonoma County Spanish Style Cider Wine Cuvee

Bardos Saint Cabora Sonoma County Spanish Style Cider Wine Cuvee

For “Saint Cabora”, Bardos poured aged cider over fresh-pressed pomace from the inimitable Sonoma wineries, @willbuckzin and @bedrockwines , respectively, who were so kind and generous to collaborate with us. Bucklin and Bedrock are both winemakers who value the tradition of dry-farmed historic fruit as much as Bardos does.

Bardos sourced apples that were not irrigated or sprayed and blended the cider with dry-farmed historic grape pomace that was otherwise going to go to waste. In these collaborations with winemakers in our communities, we are creating new paradigms for conscious consumerism based on readily available agricultural goods that demand little resources in comparison to conventional agriculture and yet remain undervalued. If viewed with appreciation, such as with our collaborations, we are proving that it is possible to create elevated, natural wines, ciders, and more, without exhausting our community's natural resources.

The figure of Saint Cabora came to them because, historically, she was a healer who drew from her inner agency to help and heal others. She traveled between Mexico and the US. The relationship between the two countries, (being that California was so recently Mexico) has always been a powerful metaphor for the folks at Bardos. Throughout Northern Mexico and later California, she became known colloquially as “The Mexican Joan of Arc”.

From testimonies, Saint Cabora was a healer insofar as she was like a great mirror to the part in those who she helped that harbored their own restoration.

Bardos seeks this restorative relationship to the land. If their relationship to the land where they live is right then it provides our community with healthy lives. Saint Cabora is a metaphor for healing our relationship to the land, through our stewardship of it, awakening the anima mundi that heals us in return. Check out @historicvineyardsociety for more info on old vines around NorCal

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