Assador Canoa / Chourico Terracotta Sausage Cooker, Black Stripe

Assador Canoa / Chourico Terracotta Sausage Cooker, Black Stripe

What is this? A toast rack? Nope. It's a tabletop sausage cooker!

The assador is a staple in Portugal, and it has to be one of the most entertaining bar snacks anywhere. It's basically a tabletop sausage grill. First the the assador is filled with an inexpensive, high-proof alcohol. A well-scored chourico or perhaps linguica is set on the bars, and the alcohol is lit with a match. You tend to your toasting sausage as you sip your beer, turning it with tongs to get it toasty all over. When it's ready, snuff the flames and dig in!


Not a meat eater? Our vegetarian customers have had fun experimenting with asparagus spears, even bananas, for alternative treats to toast.


Natural terracotta with cream decoration and a single black stripe around the outer rim.

Measurements: approximately 11" long, 6" wide, and 2" tall. IMPORTED.

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