Señorio Deotxaran – Bizkaiko Txakolina

Señorio Deotxaran – Bizkaiko Txakolina

Señorío de Otaxaran is different from the light, spritzy, fresh-out-of-the-tank Txakoli common from Getariako. This is Bizkaiko Txakoli! Wines from Bizkaia tend to be rounder and richer, with a full degree higher alcohol permitted, and no added CO2—Señorío de Otaxaran is completely still. The expression is aromatic and floral with green melon, tart green apple, pears, pineapple, lychee and a hint of fresh cut grass. The palate is racy and persistent with a sappy, weighty texture.

This wine is grown in a dramatic, undulating amphitheatre vineyard that slopes down to the gravity fed, impeccably clean, modern winery. This is the largest estate vineyard in all of Txakoli.
The grapes are Hondaribbi Zerratia, with tiny amounts Picpoul and Chardonnay included in the blend. This is a serious table wine for Basque White lovers- It is also age-worthy, to a point, which is an uncommon trait in the Txakoli region. This wine is on strict allocation and can be found in all the top restaurants in Bilbao and beyond!
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