Perucchi Gran Reserva Red Vermouth 1L

Perucchi Gran Reserva Red Vermouth 1L - The Spanish Table

Perucchi Gran Reserva Red Vermouth 1L

A favorite at The Spanish Table, the Perucchi Vermouths are impossible to beat. Montana Perucchi has been making Vermouth in Barcelona since 1876. A selection of wines macerated with traditional herbs, fruits, and roots, Perucchi's recipe contains over 40 distinct ingredients. The red Vermouth has great complexity and flavors of Christmas cookie spices, bitters, lemon, and cola, with lingering clove and spice. Just a hint of sweetness, this is outstanding served chilled or over ice as is common throughout Spain. Love it with a splash of La Casera or Seltzer water and a slice or two of lemon over ice. Alternately, try this in your favorite Manhattan recipe for a new twist on a classic cocktail.

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