Andytown Shore Leave Hook 8oz Retail Bag

Andytown Shore Leave Hook 8oz Retail Bag - The Spanish Table

Andytown Shore Leave Hook 8oz Retail Bag

We serve this coffee in our San Francisco store and we get rave reviews.  Seeing how popular these beans are, we are making them available for our online customers for a limited time.  

We have been partnering with Andytown coffee, a local San Francisco roaster for years and we love their products.  Wind and Sea is one of the coffees we enjoy, as is Shore Leave Hook.  Try some to make a cortado for yourself - that's a bit like going to SF and Spain all at the same time.  

In the words of team Andytown, this coffee is "dedicated to sustaining all livelihoods. No frills, smoke or mirrors, just quiet comfort. Shore Leave Hook is our most grounding coffee but is still fresh and exciting around the edges. This blend is the result of a coffee collaboration with a friend and was built to be the boldest of Andytown’s offerings. It’s creamy with intense dark chocolate flavors when pulled as an espresso. As a filter coffee, rich notes of sweet tobacco and honey-roasted peanuts shine through."

Please note:  we only sell whole-bean coffee online.

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