Oriol Artigas Cosmic Vinyat Pet Nat

Oriol Artigas Cosmic Vinyat Pet Nat

Oriol Artigas is dedicated to the craft of natural wine making. All of his wines share his commitments:  all natural, no sulfur, no interventions.  The results are always honest.  Not always easy, and not for everyone.  But they reward the wine drinker who is courageous with a 'trip back in time' for winemaking to days when wines were made with no technology.  The Pet Nat shares its other cousins funky nose, which is always reminiscent of cider and other beverages with 'wild' fermentations left to themselves.  But in the Pet Nat, the fruit wins, jumping out and over all the funk to assert itself.  Like a rainbow in a break in the clouds, this fruit is framed by the funk. Peaches and apples dance in this rainbow, but the with every new sip, the clouds remind us that this is a stormy brew.

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