Toro Albala Don Px Montilla Moriles 2015

Toro Albala Don Px Montilla Moriles 2015 - The Spanish Table

Toro Albala Don Px Montilla Moriles 2015

Single-vintage, year-dated offerings are the exception rather than the rule, and for good reason. The culture of sherry is predicated on the notion of blending older soleras with younger counterparts, resulting in the diversity of flavor profiles and character that are emblematic of Jerez and this region, Montilla-Moriles.

So why the single-vintage foray? Toro Albala has always been a maverick in Montilla-Moriles, and this is their "house style" defined in the space of one year, no small accomplishment. Intense aromas of molasses, maple syrup, grated nutmeg, honeyed walnuts (think Chinese food) and dried yellow fruit prime the palate for what is to come. The molasses theme continues in the mouth, with underlying flavors of peppered meat, and a smoky layer hinting at grilled mushrooms and a slight mezcal-like burn on the finish. Weaving through the palate is a burst of tangerine/orange/nectarine peel which creates a nice acidic backdrop, counteracting the intense natural sweetness of PX.

Tiramisu and Tartufo? You betcha!

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