Chami 70% Pure Dark Chocolate, 70gr

Chami 70% Pure Dark Chocolate, 70gr - The Spanish Table

Chami 70% Pure Dark Chocolate, 70gr

Chami Cacao is a brother and sister team from Colombia. They are the epitome of small-batch artisans dedicated to producing top-quality products in a sustainable way, taking into account not only the environment but also their community. From plant to bean to finished bar, their chocolates are lovingly handmade, and it shows.

Fruity notes and subtle hints of nuttiness create a unique sensory profile that evokes a symphony of flavors on your palate. A gift for your senses, but also a tribute to the rich heritage of the Colombian indigenous people, who have cultivated and venerated cocoa since time immemorial.

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Cacao beans, organic raw cane sugar.

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