Verde Divino Picual EVOO, 500 ml

Verde Divino Picual EVOO, 500 ml - The Spanish Table

Verde Divino Picual EVOO, 500 ml

We discovered Verde Divino olive oils (of Jaen, Andalucia), almost by accident at a food show in Madrid. It's hard to stand out at a huge exhibition, but they impressed us both with their oils and their enthusiasm. Their Early Harvest line is pressed from the first very olives of the season, resulting in greener, fruitier flavors than later pressings, often with a touch of spiciness on the finish. We are excited to be able to introduce them to the U.S. 

Picual is prized for its bold flavor and also for its ability to maintain freshness and liveliness even after it's been open for awhile. This one shows all the attributes typical of this olive, with an aroma reminiscent of olive leaf, almond, and artichoke, a characteristic emerald green color, and a spicy but balanced finish.

Perfect for both cooking and using fresh from the bottle in salads, on toast, on cheese, cold cuts, or grilled meat. 

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