Gueyu Mar Morillo de Atun (Grilled Tuna Neck)

Gueyu Mar Morillo de Atun (Grilled Tuna Neck) - The Spanish Table

Gueyu Mar Morillo de Atun (Grilled Tuna Neck)

Almadraba tuna. Thick neck cut of high quality chargrilled with holm oak and canned using the Arbequina de Castillo de Canena brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Almadraba is the ancient fishing technique that is still used to catch migrating Blue Fin Tuna in the strait of Gibralter. Highly prized fish that often are bought by Japanese buyers.

Gueyu Mar has completely reset the benchmark for tinned seafood by using amazing seafood and grilling it before it is canned.  These are truly amazing offerings. 

Eat them straight out of the can, plate them as is or use them in recipes. They taste great in every way. However, Abel recommends heating ever so slightly at low temperature to get the most flavor out of the seafood.
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