Jose Gourmet Spiced Octopus In Olive Oil

Jose Gourmet Spiced Octopus In Olive Oil - The Spanish Table

Jose Gourmet Spiced Octopus In Olive Oil

JOSE Gourmet approaches their line of seafood the way an artist aproaches a canvas: with intent, contemplation, and respect. They use only the very best fish and shellfish available in Portugal and Spain - which means it's the best anywhere - and they pay the fishermen a full and fair price, respecting their trade and knowledge. Everything is top-quality, from the single-grove Portuguese olive oil to the artful packaging.

This octopus is perfectly cooked and spiced with Portugal's signature pepper, the spicy little piri-piri. Enjoy.

Ingredients: Octopus, olive oil, piri-piri pepper, salt. IMPORTED from PORTUGAL.
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