Matiz Flor De Garum, 100 Ml/3.38 Fl Oz

Matiz Flor De Garum, 100 Ml/3.38 Fl Oz - The Spanish Table

Matiz Flor De Garum, 100 Ml/3.38 Fl Oz

The ancient Romans used a fermented fish sauce called "garum" to season many of their dishes. But food tastes changed, and the recipes were lost. Until now.

A third-century recipe was found in a European abbey, and archaeologists closely examined residue left behind in a garum factory in ancient Pompeii to try and discern the production method. Combining these 2 wonderfully nerdy forces, the folks at Matiz have introduced"Flor de Garum".

It's gorgeous - a clear golden amber, presented in a glass flask w/ a wooden stopper. Managing to be both intense, yet delicate, it's quite the umami bomb. Use it in salad dressings, marinades, pasta dishes, or add a splash to finished dishes. For a simple sauce that goes with just about anything, add chopped garlic, a bit of vinegar and hot peppers.

Ingredients: anchovy extract, sea salt, spices. IMPORTED.
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