Palacios Picante Cured Chorizo

Palacios Picante Cured Chorizo - The Spanish Table

Palacios Picante Cured Chorizo

All the authentic flavors and natural ingredients of the traditional Mild Palacios Chorizo, but with the addition of hot paprika for a picante kick. Firm texture, ideal for tapas. Fully cured and ready to eat. 7.9 oz.

Ingredients: Pork, paprika, salt, hot paprika,garlic, and natural pork casing.

PLEASE NOTE: This item is FULLY CURED and shelf-stable. It requires no refrigeration until the package is opened and does not need to be shipped with ice packs or via a faster shipping method. As we ship from California, this product is a good choice for those shipping to addresses east of New Mexico.

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