Toro Albala Don Px Seleccion Montilla-Moriles 1965

Toro Albala Don Px Seleccion Montilla-Moriles 1965 - The Spanish Table

Toro Albala Don Px Seleccion Montilla-Moriles 1965

Toro Albala is one of the most esteemed wineries in Montilla-Moriles and when they release older vintages of their PX wines there typically is not enough to match the demand. Montilla-Moriles is located just outside of Cordoba and is where most of the Pedro Ximenez (PX) is grown in Spain. It's also by happenstance the original home of Edgar Allen Poe's most infamous drink, Amontillado. . .A-Montill-ado. . .which literally translates into "in the style of Montilla". But even though the region makes dry wines from the PX grape that are very similar to its brethern Jerez, it has become famous for the singular intensity and richness of old, sweet PX. "It has a nose of pure curry, aromas of an Indian restaurant, very balanced, not as sweet as others, in fact it's more bittersweet than sweet, combining the spices with bitter chocolate and with very good acidity that makes it relatively easy to drink." 97 points Wine Advocate

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