Jose Gourmet Navajas (Razor Clams) In Brine (6/8)

Jose Gourmet Navajas (Razor Clams) In Brine (6/8) - The Spanish Table

Jose Gourmet Navajas (Razor Clams) In Brine (6/8)

We love navajas. Do you like clams? Then you must try navajas! Long and meaty and sweetly briny, these are a treasure. You can heat them gently, maybe with a little garlic, and sop up the juices with a piece of bread. You could add them to a paella or pasta dish, brine and all. Or you could just open the can, stab them with toothpicks, and slurp up the brine like a shot of the sea. 6 to 8 pieces fill the can. Enjoy! 120gr/4oz can


Ingrediets: Navajas (Razor Clams), water, and salt. IMPORTED.

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