Ybarra Anchovy Stuffed Olives 600 Gr. Tin

Ybarra Anchovy Stuffed Olives 600 Gr. Tin - The Spanish Table

Ybarra Anchovy Stuffed Olives 600 Gr. Tin

There's a reason we have 2-3 shelves devoted to anchovy-stuffed olives in every store. Once you taste them, you'll want more. Don't be afraid of the anchovy! Not at all "fishy" tasting, the anchovy adds a mysteriously extra-savory flavor that's hard to pin down. It's the magic of umami. This is the party-size can. (We won't tell if it's secretly a party of 1.) 600 grams drained weight.
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Ingredients: Manzanilla olives, water, stuffing: (water, anchovy, stabilizer: sodium alginate), salt, flavour strengthener: Monosodium Glutamate, acidulants: lactic acid, citric acid, and antioxidant: ascorbic acid.

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